My Wife Encourages Me To Fuck Slutty Lyra Lockhart


Dan Ferrari, Lyra Lockhart, Suzanne Ferrari

Slut Inspection features amateur models and pornstars getting down and dirty with Suzanne’s (AKA on twitter as @suzannexoxo) husband. These sluts love getting fucked on camera but it’s extra special when they're fucking the director’s husband right in front of her! Their primal exhibitionist instincts come to life as they show off, strip down, and slut it up with Dan Ferrari. Featuring completely UNSCRIPTED scenes with Blake Blossom, Bella Rolland, Abbie Maley, teens, milfs, and more! Join now for the Full Slut Experience and get bonus access to… Treat her like a princess, fuck her like a slut!

There’s nothing better than two sexy women making out. Actually, maybe there is. If you walked in and saw your wife making out with a slut then your wife wanted to watch you fuck her, that might beat just watching…. My wife, Suzanne Ferrari pulls out your cock for Lyra to suck and Lyra gets to work. She wants to impress Suzanne. Of course Suzanne is impressed but she wants to see Lyra get face-fucked. So Suzanne grabs Lyra’s head and pushes it down over and over til spit is just pouring out of Lyra’s throat. Suzanne wants to know if Lyra can take that cock as well as she sucks it. And the answer is, holy shit yes she can. This cute slut can take cock and Suzanne loves it! She makes out with Lyra as you slam your cock deep into Lyra’s pussy over and over. Once she gets Lyra on top of you it’s practically over. They keep playing with each other as Lyra rides you like a freaking cowgirl. Where should you come? Well, your wife wants you to cum inside of this sluts pussy. Being a good husband you cum exactly where you’re told. You’re so lucky! Your wife loves watching you with dirty sluts like Lyra.


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