A Very Happy Cuckquean Anniversary with Kenna James


Suzanne: I really wanted to surprise my husband for our 19th wedding anniversary. I called my friend Kenna to see if she would help me give him the best present ever! The traditional gift for 19 years of marriage is bronze, I got him a slut instead, I hope he doesn’t mind. Dan: I just got home and my wife is standing there in her wedding dress. She looks beautiful and she’s so excited that it still fits. Then she surprises me with an early anniversary present. Oh my god, Kenna James is with her and and apparently she’s my gift! My wife wants to get first dibs on my present so she undressed Kenna, makes out with her, and gets her warmed up with a vibrator. Now it’s my turn to play. Kenna and my wife drop to their knees and my wife takes my pants off so Kenna can show both of us what her mouth can do. Oh my god her mouth feels so good wrapped around my hard cock. My wife says that’s not all I get to do with her and lays Kenna down so I can slip my cock inside while my wife holds her. My wife is the best, she likes to feel every thrust as I fuck Kenna deep. My wife wants to play with my present more while I do though, so she has Kenna bend over so I can slip in from behind while they make out. Best view ever!!!!!! She has Kenna jump on my rock hard cock and ride me as hard as she can. What a view I have looking up while they make-out and my wife chokes her and holds her. Kenna gets back onto her back after sucking my dick some more and I slide my cock back into her tight wet pussy. Then my wife tells me to give Kenna my cum and when I ask where they both tell me to cum inside of her. I gladly follow their instructions and fill Kenna’s pussy with the biggest load I’ve ever had. Now that I’m done, my wife finishes her off with the vibrator some more. Best anniversary present ever. Now I just need to figure out what I’m gonna get for her…


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