POV Play with Kasey Warner and My Wife, Suzanne Ferrari


Kasey was the first person to get to play with Suzanne Ferrari. They got to suck on Suzanne’s toes the last time they fucked Suzanne’s husband. Now Kasey wants more. We find Suzanne and Kasey on the couch making out. This has been a long time coming and they are loving every second. When Dan shows them how hard his cock is they wanna play with him too though. They assume the position on their knees and Suzanne shoves Kasey’s head down on the cock. Kasey is trying to show off for Suzanne and I think we are all here for it! After showing off their cock swallowing skills Kasey would love to have it inside. Suzanne lines Kasey up just how they like it and Dan slips his big cock into Kasey’s hairy pussy. Suzanne keeps making out with Kasey the whole time Dan is pounding Kasey’s pussy. When Kasey is in prone position Suzanne spreads Kasey’s ass with her feet and that’s about all Dan can take. He unleashes a massive load all over Kasey’s sexy ass and Suzanne’s feet. Good thing he has enough to cover it all.


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