Cuckquean Suzanne Ferarri Brings Home Abbie Maley As a Treat


Abbie Maley, Dan Ferrari, Suzanne Ferrari


Oh my god! Suzanne and Abbie are so fucking hot and they’re making out right there in the living room. When Dan walks in on them he thinks it must be a dream. But once Suzanne pulls Dan’s cock out and shoves it down Abbie’s throat he knows it’s for real and he couldn’t be happier. Abbie is eager to show Suzanne she can swallow Dan’s entire cock and gets after it. Suzanne loves watching this but she wants to see more. She positions Abbie right where she wants her and has Dan slip his cock in while Suzanne holds Abbie and watches. When Abbie flips over to take it from behind Suzanne lines herself under Abbie so she can feel every thrust as Dan pounds Abbies tight wet pussy. Watching Suzanne make out with Abbie while fucking her from behind is just what Dan needed. Now it’s time to give Abbie a load. Suzanne gives her some encouragement and Abbie works that load out of Dan’s hard cock. Suzanne Ferrari really is the best wife ever!


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